The Galician Translator Foreign Language Agency brings together a team of translation and linguistics professionals. Established in 2008 in the city of Lviv, the Agency holds leading positions in the translation market of Galicia and Ukraine and confidently enters the international arena.


"Halytskyi Perekladach" Foreign Languages Agency offers its customers translations in various areas: from topical websites to complicated technical documentation, from marketing materials, financial statements and audit reports to research articles and specialized medical documentation.

Top qualification and experience of our translators enable us to perform translation of highly specific and complicated materials.

Please email a text for translation to: - and we will provide a free price quote for translation services, and will also advise on the options for translation certification (if any is needed).

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Interpreters of "Halytskyi Perekladach" Foreign Languages Agency perform simultaneous and consecutive interpreting during business negotiations, at sessions, international meetings, workshops and international conferences dedicated to a diversity of topics.

Our company provides interpretation services at production facilities – during equipment mounting, installation of production lines, during staff training, and at trade shows and fairs. We perform interpreting during the notarial deeds execution, as well as during business negotiations conducted via phone or video conference.

Long-term interpreting experience and high professional level provide for excellent quality of interpretation and ensure complete understanding at multilingual events.

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Translation of Documents and Certification

At our Agency you may order translation of both business and personal documentation with the corresponding certification – either by a foreign language agency or by a notary, in compliance with the requirements of the authorities where the documents are to be submitted to.

We perform translations of documents for submission to the embassies and consulates, as well as the institutions abroad – for the purpose of receiving visas, travel abroad, studies at foreign colleagues and universities, and employment. We offer translation of litigation materials, documents related to foreign economic activity, customs documentation, tender packages, etc.

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Services of Polish Sworn Translator

"Halytskyi Perekladach" Foreign Languages Agency provides services of translating documents into Polish performed by a Polish sworn translator. Such translations comply with the requirements of Polish official institutions.

Translations performed by a sworn translator are often required for Ukrainian school leavers intending to apply to colleges in Poland. You don't need to waste your time and go to Poland to order translation made by a sworn translator - this service is now available in Ukraine.

At "Halytskyi Perekladach" Foreign Languages Agency, you can at once order service of apostille to be affixed on your school certificate or college diploma and their supplements (or any other documents) and follow-up translation of these documents by a sworn translator - these are typical requirements of Polish colleges and universities. We ensure the performance of sworn translation within short timescales (2-3 working days) and at a moderate price.

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Apostille and Legalization of Documents

Documents issued and having a legal effect in one country may be used in another country only following their proper certification unless otherwise stipulated under the relevant international agreements. At present two ways of such certification are most widely used. Consular legalization is one of them. The second way of validating documents for their use abroad is to have apostille affixed in accordance with the Hague Convention of 1961 signed by over 100 countries across the world.

We will provide legalization or apostille services for your documents to be submitted abroad in compliance with the requirements of the relevant country.

For more detail please consult managers of "Halytskyi Perekladach" Foreign Languages Agency who will provide comprehensive guidance on your specific case.

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Accredited Translation and Embassy Certification

"For some countries, namely, Italy, we offer translation of documents performed by translators possessing embassy accreditation and its further certification with the Embassy. We also offer services of obtaining Dichiarazione di Valore – a document issued by the Embassy of Italy in Ukraine entitling to apply for studies or employment in Italy."

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Obtaining Certificate of No Criminal Record in Poland (with Apostille Affixed) and Translation

We will help our customers to obtain a certificate proving that a person has not been convicted in the Republic of Poland. If required, apostille could be affixed on the certificate. We will provide a translation of the certificate into Ukrainian and notary's certification or, if needed, sworn translation in Poland into other European languages.

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For Corporate Customers

“Halytskyi Perekladach” Foreign Languages Agency offers favorable terms of cooperation to our corporate clients.

A team of translators specializing in the topic of a relevant industry will be formed to work on orders of a specific client company. A project manager monitors compliance with the terminology and unified style in all translations for the given client. Prompt response to your inquiry, perfectly coordinated work of all the team members and strict compliance with the agreed deadlines ensure efficient performance of large-scale projects.

We recognize all the importance the corporate documents may have and guarantee the maintenance of confidentiality of the materials submitted for translation.

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