Halytskyi PerekladachForeign Languages Agency comprises a team of professionals in translation and linguistics. Founded in 2008 in Lviv (Ukraine), the Agency occupies the leading positions in the translation market of Halychyna and Ukraine and confidently enters the international markets.


Among our clientsleading local and foreign companies with a diverse activity spectrum from pharmacology to publishing business, from high technology processes to legal practice, from construction and woodworking to light industry, telecommunication providers, hotels, tourism companies and advertising agencies, international organizations and embassies, NGOs and charities.


Halytskyi Perekladachoffers its customers a full complex of language services in the majority of European and major Asian languages, including:

  • Translation of materials from various industries
  • Interpretation (consecutive and simultaneous)
  • Translation of documents with relevant certification
  • Apostille and legalization of documents
  • Accredited translation and embassy certification


Our mission is to provide with high quality services in the domain of transnational communication. We work to satisfy the needs of our customers, offering efficient language solutions for the establishment of successful international cooperation.


Commitment to quality, individual approach to every customer, strict compliance with the deadlines, excellent service and affordable pricing policy these are the principles the operation of Halytskyi PerekladachForeign Languages Agency is based on, and which make our clients come back to us over and over again.


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